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Silk Screens Have Arrived

In the shop I often get painters who really don't have any idea about what they are design they are aiming for when they come pottery painting. Normally I will direct people to check out the work station I have made which is stocked with books on how to draw (all types of things), stamps, stencils and more recently stickers (thanks to some handy shaped palm punches). Even a quick google search can help spark a little inspiration and 9.99 times out of 10 an idea will come and a masterpiece is created.

I have some good news for those who maybe don't want to go completely free style, or for those who like the idea of painting a pot but want something a little bit more of the 'I could have bought that in a shop' look. Silks screens people.... you probably have dim memories of screen printing in year 9 art class, something to do with Lino and paint rollers. Or maybe you have seen a screen technique used when transferring a design onto a tee-shirt?

Silk screens with pottery painting is a similar concept to printing a tee-shirt. You simply choose a screen design from our range (which is limited right now, but I plan on getting more in all the time), take some good ol' fashioned pottery paint (the stuff you get in the basket when you paint a pot) and a dash of medium (which will thicken the paint) mix it up and the you simply push the paint/medium through the screen on to the pottery. This will leave you with an exact copy of the screen print you have chosen! After this you can paint colour in the design, paint around it or even leave it at that and have a beautifully simple printed pot to take home after the firing!

Right now I have screen five themes to choose from: Sealife, Nautical, Cute Animals, Hipster and Flowers.

It's a very simple, yet effective. Check out my first couple of experiments, using Nautical and Sealife themes screens! If you would like to try this on your next visit to the shop just let me know and I can grab the screens for you to peruse and use.

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