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One of the easiest ways to keep those forever memories, a painted baby hand or footprint can be added to nearly every piece of homeware we have in stock! From our smallest tile to a massive fruit bowl, this is a great way to capture your baby at every stage of their childhood.  Our staff will be on hand to help - should you need them, just ask.

Get the best from your session by checking out our Instagram for some great inspiration!

We are also able to offer a hand and foot impression service.  Using a soft non-toxic white earthenware clay, we very carefully prepare the clay to the right size and then take your little ones hands and/or feet and press them gently into the clay to create an imprint.  Once the imprint is in place your job is done! 

We then take the completed print, finish off the clay into the desired shape and fire the pottery in our onsite kiln. Once the first firing is complete we then use the colour of your choice and carefully add a colour wash to the imprint to really bring it to life! We can also add a name and holes for hanging, if desired. The imprints are then glazed all over with a shiny clear glaze and popped back into the kiln for a second firing. 

Due to the extra care required and drying time please allow up to four weeks for your imprints to be ready for collection. Remember to tell all the grandparents, aunts and uncles before you come in for your session - we can take as many imprints as you want and they do make the most perfect gift!


These sessions are only available as booked slots, just call 07474 590649 to book your session online here:

Single print..........(hand or foot, finished as an oval or circle).....................................£25

Double print.........(2x hand, 2x foot or hand & foot, finished as an oval or heart)...........£40

Family prints.........(1-2 adult hand prints, 1-2 child prints, finished as a soft rectangle).....£55


Maximum dimensions for any single item is up to 35cm - for extra large families we suggest individual imprints to capture the whole family!